Welcome to LiNCS!

Laboratory for Information, Network and Computing Studies!

The laboratory, directed by Dr. Weimao Ke, is a research group in the College of Computing and Informatics at Drexel University, formerly known as the Collge of IST or the iSchool at Drexel. In LiNCS, we conduct research in areas related to information retrieval (IR), network science, and computing/information systems. With a system-centric focus, we also investigate issues and questions related to human-information interaction and aim to better understand how systems can be designed to serve the user.

Recent Recognition/Accomplishments:

  • Weimao is named Instructor of the Week by Drexel's Advancement of STEM Teaching and Learning Excellence (2018)
  • Weimao Ke received grants as co-PI from IMLS as well as NSF BigData programs (2017)
  • Weimao Ke was awarded an NSF EAGER grant to study Decentralized Searches in Large‐scale Agent Networks (2016)
  • Weimao Ke received the Outstanding Online Faculty Award, Drexel University (2013)
  • Weimao Ke's paper on the recently proposed Least Information Theory and application was nominated for the Vannevar Bush Best Paper award for the ACM/IEEE JCDL conference (2013)

Recent Publications:

  • Du, Yongping, Jingxuan Liu, Weimao Ke, and Xuemei Gong. Hierarchy Construction and Text Classification based on the Relaxation Strategy and Least Information Model. Expert Systems With Applications (2018)

    ​Ke, Weimao. "Text Retrieval based on Least Information Measurement." In ICTIR 2017: the 3rd ACM International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval, 1-10., 2017.

    Ke, Weimao, and Javed Mostafa. Scalability Analysis of Distributed Search in Large Peer-to-peer Networks In IEEE International Conference on Big Data. Washington, DC, 2016.

    Ke, Weimao. "Information-theoretic term weighting schemes for document clustering and classification." International Journal on Digital Libraries (2015): Springer Berlin Heidelberg1-15. 

    More publications can be found at: https://lincs.cci.drexel.edu/?q=biblio

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