I have enjoyed teaching the following courses for undergraduates and graduates at Drexel University: 

INFO 659 Introduction to Data Analytics

Provides an overview of data analytics foundations and techniques for information professionals. Introduces fundamental concepts and theories of data and data science. Discusses methods and techniques of data representation, data analysis, and data visualization. Covers a range of tools and systems that can be used to discover insight and derive values from data. 

INFO 153 Applied Data Management

Explores technologies to gather, organize, store, retrieve, and process data in various forms. Focuses on
programming for automated or semi-automated processing of unstructured and structured data in heteroge-
nous formats. Topics include data structures, le and database access, data munging and management, and
integration of tools and APIs. Includes data management software development using paired or small team
programming activities.

INFO 152 Web Systems and Service II

Focused on building and integrating a web application with jQuery, PHP, and databases. 

INFO 151 Web Systems and Services

Introduces technologies used to build leading-edge application systems and services on the World Wide Web. Coverage includes a selection of Web components such as mark-up and scripting languages and frameworks for building systems.  Introduces Web programming using pair or small team programming activities. 


Offered face-to-face in Fall, Winter, and Spring.

I've taughted in Fall, Winter, & Spring, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. 


INFO 371 Data Mining with Machine Learning

Introduces students to basic data mining approaches using machine learning tools. Focuses on machine learning algorithms for information inference and knowledge discovery from data. Covers major applications in data/text/web processing, analysis and mining. 

This is a new course as part of the new Bachelor of Science in Informatics. An elective to other degree programs. 

Will be offered soon. 

INFO 624 Information Retrieval Systems

Introduces students to the theoretical underpinnings of information retrieval (IR), an active core area in information science and a rapidly growing branch of applied computational science. Focuses on computer applications to document representation and indexing, as well as the storage, retrieval, and distribution of digital information. Emphasizes applying IR theories and practices to website indexing and Web search engines.

Offered both face-to-face (Spring) and online (Fall). 

I have taught in Fall 2010, 2011, 2012, and Spring 2011, 2012, 2013.