Hadoop Data Explorer


The system prototype interface is available at:


Large-scale Data Exploration

Hadoop is a powerful framework for processing large-scale data but works primarily in the batch mode without user interaction. There are many scenarios in which users such as business analysts and data scientists need to:

Scatter/Gather Searching and Browsing with Bing API

Scatter/Gather Browser on TREC HARD track (news)

Scatter/Gather Browser on Computing & Information Sciences

Xuemei Gong


Xuemei Gong
Ph.D. Student, Information Studies

Xuemei has graduated and is now working with Quixey. 


Large-scale and distributed information retrieval

The goal was to investigate basic principles underlying efficient and effective search operations given the magnitude of information (big data) and distributed computing resources (cloud). I developed the theory of clustering paradox in distributed IR and studied its impacts on searching in large-scale information networks (see representative publication to appear in ACM TOIS 2013).


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